About Us

Who we are?

We are a company that has been working on Plugin, Application, Themes for WordPress, Shopify since 2010.

With in-depth knowledge of this field, we had products that have been enthusiastically received from the community. 

Our products currently serve over 100,000+ customers around the globe such as KingComposer.com

With the experiences in the development process, we want to contribute more to make easier for customers to build a website, store on WordPress and Shopify platforms.

On December 13, 2019, we launched LayoutHub after more than 1 year of incubation (cherished) and desire to create a truly different product that can bring the fastest and simplest way to use for the user’s experiences. 

Why LayoutHub was born?

After a long time of making products and supporting customers around the world, we recognized the positive and negative products on Page Builder. And even for KingComposer (100,000k + active installs), there are many limitations that make it difficult for users to use.

We significantly support and listen to all complaints of our customers every day, without a comprehensive solution to solve it.

Most of our customers who do not have program skills, designers or  programmers and professional designers when using existing products have a certain discomfort according to their skills: 

For people who do not have programming or design skills: It is really difficult or even impossible to create a professional website from the tools, elements of existing products. Even the steps is just drag and drop system without programming or design skills.

For Programmers: To getting started and custom code their own needs they need to understand how the working and logic of current products take a lot of time. And with only programming skills, they can not build a professional website because of the lack of design skills. 

For website designers: Similar to the problem of programmers, they lack programming skills to switch from blueprints to their desired websites.

When KingComposer introduced a simple solution that provides available designs, customers can simply choose, install and edit the content without spending much time to design by themselves. Their reaction really surprised us.

From this, we know we need a new solution as a new way to really handle the root of the problem, which customers really want in a page builder.

That’s the reason why LayoutHub was born. We have solved each problem for each of our customers. We want them to build each interface page, features .. by minutes, hours instead of from day or few days. 

LayoutHub was born with the desire to create an environment where users can remove all barriers to build a website with high standards of aesthetics and quality in the easiest way.

Mission and Vision

Our mission to make the Webside building on WordPress and Shopify more convenient and simple. With the desire to connect professional content production units to the system to help create a flexible library and keep abreast of UX/UI and design trends in the world.

We are based on technology and breakthroughs in thinking, solutions to make complex things become simple for users, helping them to have an unprecedented experiences. 

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Ready to see what we’re building?

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