Our pleasure to announce that the LayoutHub version for Shopify has been launched since 3 months ago. Now is the time for us to introduce to the community about our product.

As you all know the reason for the product’s release, and the team who build LayoutHub. Our desire is to make the easiest way to use for users and exactly like that you do not need to know about programming skills, design aesthetics. 

Today, The Page Builder model of all products follows the direction of drag and drop components to build a web interface on their own. This is not wrong but it is really difficult for most users.

As we mentioned in the reason of LayoutHub’s born article, not every user has enough general skills to build the desired website in minutes.

LayoutHub is a great tool that following our new approach with the desire to make everything simpler, reduce complex steps that require a lot of skills to the simplest steps.

We separated each user by their needs and skills to have a suitable solution for effectively using LayoutHub. The important thing is to help each person build their website in the fastest way. 

Saving time and cost for customers when building a high-class website, integrating features that help increase conversion rates in the business, is what the whole team aims to.

layouthub grow up
The LayoutHub user’s growth in Shopify ( Mar 2020)

All ideas will take time to convert into actual products. Every product must be evaluated by the market about the feasibility, usefulness for users without any promotion.

This is the reason why after the product launched, we do not have any marketing program, do not through anyone who can review the product or introduce it to others. 

After 3 months launched on Shopify, we have over 3000+ downloads and 1400+ stores use daily.

We are happy to received the response from customer, accept to pay daily and contribute a lot of information or good ideas to the team who enthusiastically, wiling to update with the expectation that the product will be more complete and friendly for customers.