Hello, LayoutHub is pleased to inform you that you can now use the Quick View by Secomapp application on LayoutHub layouts. Actually, the layout from LayoutHub has provided quick view feature but it stopped at a fairly simple level. I spent a few days looking for other quick view apps and was really surprised with the Quick View by Secomapp. It has many features for you to explore and customize, even if you are using the free version, it is really fantastic!

A config for Free plan

Let me tell you a bit about Secomapp. They are a team founded in 2013 by smart and professional programmers and designers. Their first app in the app store appeared in 2014, it can be said that this is a business that has worked for a long time with Shopify, and they have a lot of experience in the field of e-commerce.

So far, they have about 12 Shopify apps and all of them have been rated quite well by customers, which shows that they are focused and serious about their products.

image 1
All their apps are on Shopify

Sorry I was a bit rambling :D, let me get back to the Quick view app integration… you can use it easily by following these steps.

1- Install the application here

At the time of this writing, we’re in a global health crisis with COVID-19, SecomApp is offering 6 months of free trial, how amazing!)

2- Active Quick view app from LayoutHub

The next step is quite simple, you just need to go to LayoutHub > Settings > Third party app settings and activate this app.

image 2

And now Quick View is ready for you, you will see a popup like this when you click the Quick view icon from the product list.

image 3

If you need more advanced features from Secomapp, try upgrading to the pro version, they have a 14 day trial for you. Their price is also very affordable at only $ 3.99 a month for the Pro version and $ 9.99 a month for the unlimited version. The price is quite cheap at about the cost of just one cup of coffee, but it brings a lot of effects. You can also try other applications from Secomapp, I am sure that they will be really useful for you and help improve the conversion rate for your business.

You can view all SecomApp’s applications below and don’t hesitate to contact LayoutHub’s support team if you need help with anything. 🙂

Finally, I hope you and your family are safe in this terrible health crisis, please refrain from going out, wear a mask and washing your hands often. Use this time to build a business for yourself and the LayoutHub team is always here to help you when needed.