Hello, after a while contacting and working with Judge.me, I am now pleased to announce that you can use this review app on LayoutHub.

Let me briefly introduce Judge.me

Judge.me helps you collect and display ratings and reviews about your products and Shopify store. Such social proof increases your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement by leveraging your user-generated content.

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  1. Product reviews with text, photo and video and automatic reminders
  2. Unlimited review requests, orders and imports
  3. Review Carousel (6 free themes to show your best ratings)
  4. All Reviews Page, Floating Reviews Tab
  5. Question and Answers (Q&A) and custom forms/questions
  6. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest & Tumblr
  7. Product review groups & cross-shop synchronization
  8. SEO Rich Snippets (your ratings marked-up in Google search)
  9. Instantly loaded reviews (shopify metafields) to increase page speed and spam review filter
  10. 30-day refund, no questions asked

Sync with their other apps:

  1. AliExpress Review Importer (forever-free review import with images)
  2. Checkout Comments (collect micro reviews after checkout)
  3. Facebook Messenger Bot (show your products on FB chat)


  • Automatic social push to Facebook and Twitter
  • Incentivize reviews with coupons
  • Product reviews in Google Shopping to improve your CTR
  • Social proof increases your conversion rate (e.g. with picture reviews)

Judge.me currently has more than 2000 reviews with an average of 4.9. It is a desirable indicator and I understand how well the customer support team is working.

To start using the application, please follow the steps below

Step 1: Install Judge.me from App Store

Step 2: From LayoutHub, enable Judge.me from Setting > Third party app settings


Step 3: Enable review from blocks

image 1
Enable from Product block
image 2
Enable from Product Grid block

And now, it’s ready to use

image 3

Now you can use Judge.me with LayoutHub easier than ever. I believe that with the great support of the Judge.me team and the LayoutHub, you will have the best quality store with high conversion rate.

Do not hesitate to let us know if you need any assistance 🙂